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1) full (2-3 hours) music and song solo program. Repertoire: pop, latin, jazz, ethnic (Greek and foreign music, lounge or dance). Keyboard & voice.

2) performances with a band. Performance duration and the number of musicians in the band depend on the customer's desire and financial capacities. Available options include: a saxophone, a guitar, 2nd keyboard, percussions, 2nd singer, etc.

3) At the customer's desire, any of the above programs may be accompanied and brightened up with dance. Available options include professional dancers (freestyle, dance shows)



The audio equipment and the sound engineer that I work with may be available irrespective of LIVE PERFORMANCE. That is, at the customer's desire, sound services may be ordered separately. Available options include: 2 active speakers (X300 watt), 3 active speakers (X100 watt), 2 mixers (18 chanels, 24 bit effect unit)



If you compose music or songs and want to have them arranged or record your voice, this may be done at my home recording studio using up-to-date equipment and different professional midi/audio music software.



If you feel an inclination for writing music, if you believe and your close ones also think that you have faculty and talent for music, but you don't know what to start from, I will be glad to help you!

>  lessons of vocal and scenic movement

>  selection of repertoire (with accompaniment)

>  lessons of keyboard & piano

The Way We were

by Niki Karathanou

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